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Is your Goal that Every Student is College and Career Ready?
Then consider implementing a Get Focused...Stay Focused!® Program

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" Every student who enrolls to pursue a certificate, degree or transfer objective... needs a Student Education Plan...that can get them from their starting point to attainment of their educational goal"

California Community College
Student Success Task Force Report
Falls Village, CT

For only $35, over four years students get:

Online Decision-Making Tool
Unlike anything available today, this web-based 10-year planning area is used for advisory/counseling and academic coaching.

A Consumable Workbook for Each Year
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9th Grade
10th Grade
11th Grade
12th Grade

A Proven College/High School Collaboration

Developed in collaboration by Santa Barbara City College, the Carpinteria and Santa Barbara School Districts, the George Washington University’s Freshman Transition Initiative and Academic Innovations, The Get Focused...Stay Focused!® Program assures your entering students have:
  • a researched and chosen career path (program of study),
  • an informed declared major
  • and a meaningful 10-year career and education plan

Get Focused...

It starts when all students develop a meaningful and quantitative online10-year Plan in a one-semester Freshman Transition or Student Success course their freshman year of high school or college. In high school, the online10-year plan, will be systematically updated in the 10th, 11th and 12th grades. This plan is used for academic coaching and advisory efforts throughout high school and into college. The planning process will provide the impetus to motivate students to stay in school (high school and college) and achieve a self-sufficient and productive life.

...Stay Focused!

Once students complete their online 10-year Plans in 9th grade, targeted classroom-based lessons in 10th, 11th, and 12th grades ensure students stay focused on their goals. These three 16-lesson modules provide students with a "touch-point" at each grade of high school to help them transition seamlessly to their post-secondary goal.

Each workbook comes with access to an online Get Focused Stay Focused area so student begin their work in their consumable workbook and then complete their work online in an interactive area of

This sophisticated hybrid-course will provide the technological skills to assure students are ready to take advantage of technology advancements in learning.

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