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Real-world lessons to help instructors meet the Common Core Standards

United States MapCourse materials meet the new Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts and therefore will help provide capacity-building for instructors as they transition to the new requirements and teaching methods that are shown to promote student learning.

The Get Focused...Stay Focused!® initiative was designed to provide every student with the necessary information and experiences to develop college and career readiness skills and to facilitate the development of an online 10-year Career and Education Plan. In addition, the course content is aligned with what students need to succeed in life, in line with the new Common Core Standards, and meets the recommendations from the California Community College’s Student Success Task Force and the re-imagined college by the America Association of Community Colleges.

Dr. Cash - Common Core StandardsZoom
Common Core Standards addressed in:
Follow-up Module 1
Follow-up Module 2
Follow-up Module 3
All 3 Get Focused...Stay Focused! Modules

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