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Career Choices and Changes
is for everyone 18+ years of age.

As of August 17 2020,
Anyone in the world with
basic English skills will be able
to take the course online.

Currently the course is available at many community colleges in the United States. However, the students in this video took the course at one of two two adult-education schools in Sacramento County in California.

  • find a career that matches your personality and lifestyle goals?
  • discover a path for your life that will keep you energized and challenged?
  • develop a plan for getting the education and training you need as quickly and efficiently as possible?

Career Choices and Changes is a 17-week course for all adults who want to improve their socioeconomic status. It guides learners through the process of making some of life’s most important decisions about family and career and culminates in a researched and actionable employment and lifestyle plan that students can implement immediately.

This course provides a forum for discussion and exploration to help you discover who you are, what you want from life, and how to go about getting it. The materials for this class include access to, an online planning experience unlike any other. You’ll come away with:

Most importantly, you’ll learn a proven process that takes the mystery out
of making choices that lead to increased life satisfaction.

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