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Academic Innovations is best known for its nationally-acclaimed Career Choices series and®, cutting-edge classroom technology, relevant professional development and excellent customer service.

Founded in 1990, Academic Innovations is an award-winning, mission-oriented educational publisher whose primary goal is to supply exemplary resources to both post-secondary and secondary institutions for the implementation of hybrid freshman transition/first-year experience courses. We accomplish this by providing the high-quality textbooks, online enhancements, professional development, and technical assistance needed to assure students graduate with the skills to be employable.

Our unique area of expertise is a classroom-based comprehensive guidance program within the context of a 10-year planning process that culminates with a skills-based education plan. Our course materials have been used by over 2 million students.

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What customers can expect from Academic Innovations:

Nationally-acclaimed curriculum

Cutting-edge classroom technology

Relevant professional development

Mission-driven customer service

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