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Possibilities: A Supplemental Anthology

“[We saw] a great improvement in writing! Using the journal topics in Possibilities helped.”

Mary Ann Shaw,
English and Applied Communications Instructor

“I loved the journal entries [in Possibilities] because they were theme-oriented/values-oriented rather than literary-oriented…”

Stacy Raley,
9th & 10th Grade Dropout/At-Risk Program Instructor

“I know the students’ awareness has heightened and so has mine. I only wish someone would have taken the time to do this sort of experience with me when I was in school.”

Linda Paulson,
9th Grade Language Arts Instructor

Possibilities is a supplemental anthology of fifty short stories, poems, essays, and speeches along with turn-key journal prompts and ready-made discussion questions.

As students read the literary pieces that integrate thematically with the lessons in the Career Choices series text, they receive career advice from John Updike, inspiration from Emily Dickinson, and life planning tips from Ralph Waldo Emerson, all while exploring activities that meet the Common Core State Standards.

How to Use Possibilities in Your Career Choices Series Course

  • Ideal as a supplement to expand reading and writing opportunities in the foundation course of your Get Focused Stay Focused/pathway program
  • Perfect for developing substitute lesson plans that stay on message and support your regular instruction without the need for a lot of prep
  • Great for integrating career exploration and college/career readiness in a semester or full-year English class

A Sampling of the Selections in Possibilities

  • To Build a Fire
    by Jack London
  • A Dream Deferred
    by Langston Hughes
  • Sympathy
    by Paul Laurence Dunbar
  • The Savings Book
    by Gary Soto
  • from Self-Reliance
    by Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • Hope
    by Emily Dickinson
  • Secret Life of Walter Mitty
    by James Thurber
  • To Be of Use
    by Marge Piercy
  • The Boys’ Ambition
    by Mark Twain
  • I Hear America Singing
    by Walt Whitman
  • Ex-Basketball Player
    by John Updike
  • from I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings
    by Maya Angelou
  • Sonnet 43
    by Elizabeth Barrett Browning
  • The Road Not Taken
    by Robert Frost

“This is a most helpful approach to teaching ‘required’ literature. The questions at the end of each selection were great because they were thought-provoking and stimulated the students to think critically.”

Stacy Raley, Language Arts Teacher
Louisville, GA


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