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For Your Summer Enrichment Program

If you’re looking to
  • mitigate learning loss,
  • address the needs of underserved students, and
  • support students’ mental and emotional health during these challenging times,
you’ll want to make the cost-efficient, highly effective Career Choices series the cornerstone of your summer efforts using your COVID relief funding.

Career Choices has a proven track record!

30 Years of Experience
5,200 Schools & Colleges
2.5 Million Students

You can trust this experience to:

  • Reengage disenfranchised students who have been turned off by remote classroom sessions
  • Reinvigorate students by helping them value and complete their education because they understand the consequences of dropping out of either high school or college
  • Refocus students on the future, bringing hope and, therefore, intrinsic motivation because they have their own individualized, quantitative plan that can make their goals and dreams a reality

What We Know From Our Years of Experience

  • Career Choices lends itself to remotivating and reinvigorating students like no other tool because the course engages students through a Socratic format that uses questioning versus didactic text.
  • Students find the content important because the questions they explore—Who am I? What do I want? How do I get it?—are all about them.
  • The course content changes students’ attitudes and, as a result, their motivation to succeed both in school and in life.
  • This increased motivation can lead to the long-range commitment to get the education/training they need to realize their dreams and goals.

And, we know that when students have this type of comprehensive guidance, they become focused on the future and are prepared to take better advantage of education and training opportunities—both during and after high school.

Choose from two formats

Both delivery methods include:
  • The award-winning content and the 100 proven activities and exercises to guide students through the carefully constructed scope and sequence as they create a 10-Year Career and Education Plan for their envisioned lifestyle.
  • Each student’s data and responses synthesized into a quantitative, unique, and personalized ONLINE 10-Year Plan
  • Built-in grading and tracking features that make it easy for you to:
    • Track student use in real time
    • Verify participation with easy-to-generate reports
    • Easily identify each student’s level of engagement
    • Validate time-on-task with activity archives

Each student has:

Getting Started is as Easy as 1, 2, 3...
and we’re here to support you every step of the way!

Choose the course structure that matches your summer school goals.

Our Educational Consultants can help you select the structure that will deliver the results you want for your students.
Ensure all instructors are trained with our in-depth online self-directed PD.

Available 24/7, your instructors can use The Teachers’ Lounge to learn at their own pace and to access recommended resources so they can start teaching with minimal prep.
Launch your course quickly because we’ve done the planning for you!

Our Curriculum Support team is available to answer any questions your teachers may have. Give us a call at (800) 967-8016.

One school’s story

Call (800) 967-8016 to explore the best option for your program, or email us your questions.

The award-winning Get Focused...Stay Focused!® program includes year-round curriculum for:

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