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Introducing the 4 Online Options
for the Career Choices Series

Hybrid Model

Print editions of the Career Choices series textbook, updated consumable student workbook, and licenses for every student on®

This option promotes the two-step process of “think/rethink” that has proven so successful in promoting completion. This two-step process where students first make handwritten notes in the workbook and then refine their thinking when they enter their data online is vital to developing the habits necessary for critical, creative, and strategic thinking. This extra time to “think about it” allows students the opportunity to fully grasp the concepts introduced in the curriculum.

Career Choices and Changes Online

Online editions of the Career Choices series textbook are digitally embedded within the activities on®

If your school has chosen to go paperless while still having instructors involved in course delivery, this is an option. However, there are more online features in the enhanced options below.

Career Choices and Changes Online PLUS

Online editions of the Career Choices and Changes textbook content PLUS 64 additional instructional video tutorials delivered through®, along with the updated print edition of the 10-year plan Workbook and Portfolio

This option is ideal for flipped classroom models where students complete their reading and activities at home before each class session, thereby leaving class time for higher-order learning, such as directed discussions and brainstorming, projects, presenters, and the new technology skill-building lessons.
The additional 64 videos keep students engaged in the learning process while learning online, and the print workbook gives them a place to draft their initial responses to activities and to make notes before finalizing their thoughts on®.

Career Choices and Changes Online PREMIUM

Everything included in Career Choices and Changes Online PLUS with the addition of 15 chapter quizzes with automated scoring, as well as automated reports that make it easy to track student engagement and completion.

Students can work at their own pace with little to no instructor supervision with this option. This is ideal for those special circumstances where students can’t attend class. It allows students to learn everything in the curriculum on their own with videos, readings, and self-assessments.

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