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"Eligiendo una Carrera": Career Choices’ Spanish Translation

The Spanish translation of Career Choices, the award-winning textbook helping students discover and achieve their college and career goals, is now available. The expertly-translated book provides support and guidance to students in their native language as they build a foundation for a successful future. Using the Spanish translation of Career Choices alongside® and the Workbook and Portfolio in English encourages English Language Learners to read the same concepts and instructions in both Spanish and English, boosting learning and comprehension.

"Just about every one of my English Language Learner students are just delighted. In fact, some kids grabbed it and held it to their chest because we have the terminology and the ideas in their own language."

Brenda Carr, Teacher
Hatch Valley High School, New Mexico

With all 288 pages of Career Choices translated into Spanish, it’s easier for educators to teach Spanish-speaking students and it’s easier for the students to gain value from the lessons. Listen to what one educator said about her English Language Learner students after using the Spanish edition of Career Choices for the first time.

Support language and literacy development of English Language Learners while promoting their personal growth with the Spanish translation of Career Choices.

Contact your Academic Innovations Educational Consultant at (800) 967-8016 to learn more about the Spanish translation of Career Choices today.

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