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Integrating Career Choices into English/Language Arts or Math Classes

The flexibility of the curriculum design makes Career Choices suitable for mainstream 8th, 9th or 10th grade language arts and/or math classes. Combining the Career Choices text and its theme of personal success with the supplements Lifestyle Math and/or Possibilities, the language arts anthology, allows ample opportunity for reading, writing, and computation assignments that students will complete with enthusiasm because of the subject's relevance to their own lives. Class discussions, too, will take on new energy and meaning as students address such topics as character, motivation, commitment, and compromise.

Career Choices and Workbook and Portfolio + Possibilities + Lifestyle Math

"Statistically significant improvement in reading and math...The utilization of the entire anthology of Career Choices by Academic Innovations, Inc., from their career orientation to the reading manual and integrated math program, facilitates learning and increases the awareness of the relationship between academic achievement and work."

Kelly Davis, President, National Education Enterprises, Inc.
from an Independent Evaluation of the UAW-Diamler Training Center
Delaware School-To-Work Program 2000

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