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Get Focused…Stay Focused!®
Module 2 - 11th Grade
Determining Your Informed Major and Post-Secondary Education Path

Upon completion of this coursework, students will have chosen a preliminary career path. This choice is made after researching “ideal” careers in their freshman course, exploring and researching high-demand careers in the Get Focused...Stay Focused!® Follow-up Module 1, and then applying the same process to STEM careers, which they do in Module 2.

Students’ career choices then inform their choice of a major, program of study, or training plan, and this information is used in determining which college or training program meets their specific needs and goals.

Along the way, students revisit, re-evaluate, and upgrade the decision-making prompts and systems learned in their freshman course.

And, because college application season is looming, students chart out their timeline and plan for tackling that detailed and time-sensitive process. In addition, students:

  • Research financial aid and ways to cut college-going costs
  • Draft a practice college or scholarship essay
  • Update their résumé and 10-year Plan and Portfolio for use in college and job interviews

When it comes to finding relevant college and career information, nothing can compete with the Internet. Students link to variety of interactive research databases through® as they learn to find and use the current, reliable, and reputable information freely available through the U.S. Department of Labor and Department of Education web sites.

These powerful tools can help students make informed decisions as they build valuable technology skills using real-world applications they can utilize throughout college—and into adulthood.

Whether students are planning to attend college or post-secondary training or to head straight into the workforce, Get Focused...Stay Focused!® Follow-up Module 2 will help them develop the attitudes, learn to use the tools, and practice applying the information required to keep their options open and make solid choices, now and in the future, enriching their life.

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