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Introducing the NEW 7th Edition of Career Choices and Changes

We’re excited to announce the launch of the highly anticipated 7th edition of Career Choices and Changes!

  • Increased focus on a planning tool that makes Career Choices and Changes unique—the Skills-Based Education Plan
  • Refreshed names and pronouns to champion diversity and ensure every student feels acknowledged and authentically represented within the text
  • Updated all data related to the budget activities and earnings—so students’ understanding of the financial implications of their choices is based on the best information available
  • Updated statistics throughout the text, including all data featured in the Startling Statement Quiz, one of the many eye-opening experiences designed to astound and surprise students
  • Expanded information about Career and Technical Education (CTE) options, ensuring broader representation of career paths that lead to high-demand/higher-wage jobs but that don’t require a four-year degree
  • New case studies that highlight issues impacting the workforce—such as artificial intelligence, emerging technological trends, and pressing concerns about climate and the environment
  • Significant updates incorporating the latest trends, technologies, and strategies related to the job search process
  • Updated and expanded information shining a spotlight on both traditional and nontraditional means of acquiring the education and training essential for long-term success

At its core, Career Choices and Changes, 7th Edition, delivers the same PROVEN process for self-discovery, goal identification, and strategic planning.

Pat Schwallie-Giddis, Ph.D.
Past President, National Career Development Association
Former Chair, Department of Counseling & Human Development,
The George Washington University (retired)

This dynamic resource features compelling anecdotes, insightful questionnaires, and empowering self-evaluation quizzes. Learners will unlock the potential within themselves as they assess their skills, desires, and values and then seamlessly integrate that newfound self-awareness into a strategic plan for realizing their dreams.

James Campbell, Ph.D. Former Executive Director, Delaware Tech Prep

Career Choices & Changes stands out for several reasons:

  • The step-by-step workbook/journal format guides learners to independently uncover careers aligning with their passions, lifestyle aspirations, skills, and aptitudes.
  • Employing a question-based approach, it encourages learners to reflect on their distinctive qualities and desires, mirroring the guidance of a personal career coach.
  • It teaches a proven process for career and lifestyle decision-making that empowers learners to effectively navigate a lifetime of workplace and personal changes.

And this unique and powerful college edition:

  • Provides an early career exploration course for dual enrollment
  • Is A-G approved
  • Sets the foundation for launching career pathways successfully

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