Resources for Writing Your Grant

Welcome to our grant writing resource page! We understand the demands on your time, and we also recognize that it is far easier to edit than it is to create. So that you can keep your focus rightly directed towards your students, we’ve developed a number of resources to streamline the process of crafting a proposal for your Get Focused Stay Focused program utilizing Career Choices and Changes and

Take advantage of the PDFs and Word documents we’ve provided, each tailored to facilitate easy customization of your grant to align with your unique goals and methodology. The structure is inspired from the comprehensive nature of the Golden State Pathway Program framework, and these documents are available for download so you can simply cut, paste, and edit to fit your specific requirements.

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Our expertise has been honed over 30 years of supporting schools and colleges in their grant-writing endeavors, so feel free to reach out to us for additional help and support.

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We're here and ready to lend a helping hand, providing extra resources to tailor your grant application exactly to your needs. Your success––and that of your students––is our top priority, and we're committed to standing by your side throughout the entire process.

Sample Text for Your Grant Including the Get Focused Stay Focused Program

This document provides short narrative samples on a number of topics ready for customization to suit your specific grant application. Delve into the details and explore the diverse advantages provided by the GFSF program. You'll find language describing many benefits and emphasizing key aspects that you can tailor to specific grant requirements or audience preferences.

We suggest you read this complete sample grant proposal to understand the big picture. This document could be the template for an overview for a grant proposal or you can cut, paste, and customize the text for inclusion in your Golden State Pathways Program grant. You might also send an edited version as a grant request to a foundation or community funder.

Ready for you to tailor to the specific grant you are pursuing, this document delves deeper and highlights the myriad advantages offered by the GFSF program. A close look at this material uncovers numerous benefits that may exceed your initial expectations. The comprehensive nature of this information gives you the power to fine-tune your grant proposal, focusing on key aspects that match your grant's needs or connect with your audience.

Growing from the in-depth points outlined in the bulleted text, this narrative document is a great starting point for a grant proposal where you have the space to include additional explanation. Plus, if you're gearing up for a speech or presentation about the program, the insights in this narrative will make your message more convincing and impactful.

Grants present a unique avenue for funding essential professional development, thereby enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of planning and launching new programs. Understanding the vital importance of professional growth in every new project, funders highly value such efforts. That's where our Technical Assistance Coaching program shines, offering a budget-friendly and comprehensive approach. It not only helps kickstart your program swiftly but also cultivates leadership within your campus to ensure long-term sustainability.

We strongly recommend integrating the Technical Assistance Coaching Package into your grant proposal. For detailed documentation and pricing information, please contact us at (800) 967-8016.