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Thanks for your interest in the Academic Innovations web site. I'm Mindy Bingham, author of the Career Choices series.

As the world of education evolves, so will these pages. I urge you to keep coming back.

We all know one of the core challenges we face as educators today is reaching unmotivated, apathetic students who aren't actively engaging in their own education.

How can we turn these young people around so they become learners eager to participate and even direct their own learning? How do we help students to understand and appreciate the link between education and a productive future? Throughout this and other Academic Innovations web sites, we offer a solution.

Our Career Choices curriculum directly addresses these issues. Through a series of learner-centered activities, students begin to see their dreams, aspirations, and goals in the context of a bigger picture. Suddenly, a light goes on and they realize there is a connection between the work they do in the classroom and what they want their life to be like outside the classroom. Engagement increases dramatically because with learning as with other aspects of life individuals become invested -- take ownership -- when they see how the results will benefit them personally.

If high school or college completion is an important goal for your institution, then you'll want every student to complete this comprehensive guidance course that culminates in the development of a personalized, informed online 10-year Plan.

Having been used in over 5,000 schools nationwide, these materials fit into a variety of settings, from "stand alone" freshman transition programs to more complex integrated, interdisciplinary programs.

Browse our web site to become more familiar with our print and online curriculum components. Then, so you can take an up-close and personal look at what these materials have to offer, request a 60-day review set.

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