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State Funding

Each state has different mandates and different priorities for allocating funds to new and innovative programs. The best place to start your research is with your principal. You’ll want to be sure to advise him/her of your plans. Ask for the names of individuals at the district office who are responsible for grant writing. Contact them to discuss your project and find out what opportunities there are in your state. Ask what special funding is available for:

  1. Freshmen transition programs

  2. At-risk or dropout prevention programs

  3. Tech Prep, Career and Technical Education

  4. Career and College Readiness efforts

  5. Dual Enrollment

  6. Guidance and career planning

  7. Advisor/Advisee programs

Be sure your district grant writers are familiar with your program and its goals. “Requests for Proposals” (RFP – documents soliciting grant applications) come across their desks daily from all over the district. If the grant writers are familiar with your program and a suitable RFP arrives, they will be much more likely to contact you and write a proposal for your program. It’s a good idea to write a brief summary of what you’d like your program to accomplish and send it to the district office.

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