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Grant Writing Assistance

As you develop your grant application, the following notes may be of assistance. For product information and customized budget projections, contact your educational consultant. For help customizing your proposal, contact Tanja Easson, VP of Curriculum and Technical Support, at (800) 967-8016.

Click the appropriate links below for documentation on our materials and to learn how they can help you in your grant writing process.

Writing Your Proposal

Whether you are trying to secure funding or solicit support from decision makers, the information in this document will be helpful.

* Tried-and-True Proposal Format
*  Text You’ll Find Useful When Developing Your Proposal

Documentation Demonstrating Career Choices Effectiveness

You will want to use these documents as attachments to your grant. They validate Career Choices as a research-based and proven program--two important components for funders today.

* Career Choices Data Brief
* U.S. Department of Education Award Evaluation
* Documentation Proving Career Choices Increases Reading and Math Levels
* State English/Language Arts Standards Correlated to Career Choices

Ideas for Program Methodology

Share the following files with your development team. They are rich with ideas and strategies for developing a program for your site.

* Ways to Incorporate Career Choices into Your Grant
* Why Career Choices Works!
* How to Integrate Career Choices into the English Classroom
* Sample Career Choices Programs

Sample Grants

Review these sample grants used in various situations. You'll want to peruse each one for data you can include in your own grant application.

* Grant Narrative for Freshman Transition Course or Integrated into English/Language Arts (including a detailed staff development program)
* Grant Narrative for School-to-Work or Tech Prep Programs
* Grant Narrative for Workforce Investment Programs

Some of the above documents require the Adobe Acrobat Reader. Click on the icon below to downolad if necessary.


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