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Mini-Lecture Series

for Building a Bridge to Your Future

The following video clips are part of Academic Innovations’ Mini-Lecture Series. We have produced these short videos in order to help instructors with their class presentations, whether they are in the classroom or working remotely with their students.

How does it work?

When you are making a presentation to your class, log on to the Teachers' Lounge page, and open the desired video. Play it from your computer through an LCD if in the classroom or, if presenting remotely, from your online meeting software (such as Zoom, Google Meets, Microsoft teams). You’ll do this by sharing your screen with your students so they can watch it with you.

The video will play directly from our servers. Access is strictly controlled due to copyright requirements.

These videos have been conceptualized by Dr. Karen Miles, the co-author of Building a Bridge to Your Future, to help as you deliver the content to your students. Each video is short and can be shown in class to launch discussion of a topic.

Here's a list of all the videos:

  • What Will Your Life Look Like in 10 Years' Time?
  • My Lifestyle Choices
  • Making a Career Choice
  • Why Do I Need a 10 Year Plan?
  • Challenges and Emotional Rewards
  • Our Brains: How They Change and Our Abilities Grow
  • Brainpower vs Growth Mindset
  • The Real You
  • Vision + Energy = Success
  • Positive Self-Talk
  • Turning Negative Thoughts into Positive Ones
  • Turning Your Behaviors in a Positive Direction
  • Career Research: Your Most Important Research Project
  • A Positive or Negative Outlook?
  • Staying Motivated for a Long-Term Cherished Goal
  • What Are You Passionate About?
  • Your Attitude: A Key Factor to Overcoming Obstacles
  • Using Higher-Order Thinking Skills to Get What You Want
  • Career Research: Matching Skills and Traits
  • Employability Skills You Have
  • Self-Directed Learners: A Highly Prized Skill in Today's Workplace
  • The Virtual Job Shadow
  • Getting Ready for High School
  • Checkpoint: What Are My Next Steps?

Dr. Karen Miles introduces the course.
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