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World-Class Support and Technical Assistance to Elevate Your Get Focused…Stay Focused!® Program

The Get Focused Stay Focused National Resource Center is available to work with member schools to develop a comprehensive plan for their GFSF program, including providing technical assistance (remotely and in person) to support the school personnel in executing the plan.

As a part of the ongoing technical assistance provided by the Executive Coach, member schools can also take advantage of specialized technical assistance packages. These GFSF technical assistance packages are designed to address challenges facing schools as they work to scale and enhance their GFSF efforts.

How to scale to a Whole-School Initiative that supports the annual updating of every student’s 10-year Plan

How to expand discussions of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in career planning through the Career Choices series/GFSF curriculum

How to leverage regional Labor Market Information (LMI) to help students understand what jobs exist locally and how to get them

Customized technical assistance to address specific challenges or areas of concern for your GFSF program

For more information, visit the Get Focused Stay Focused National Resource Center website.

Ongoing Professional Development and Complimentary Support

Academic Innovations offers a vast array of capacity-building and support options—from professional development workshops to online self-directed resources—and complimentary curriculum support is available by phone at (800) 967-8016 during weekday business hours.

Plus our free weekly newsletter provides timely teaching advice related to the Career Choices series and shares ideas submitted by Career Choices teachers across the country.

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