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Dual Enrollment Freshman Transition
Can At-Risk Students Benefit from Dual Enrollment?

Is it possible that getting high school kids--even those who considered "high risk"--into college courses as part of a dual enrollment program could increase their chances of success and improve school retention efforts? That's the conclusion of a recent study on the topic.

According to "Dual Enrollment: A Strategy for Educational Advancement of all Students," such programs can help the transition from high school to college. The report was written by Elisabeth Barnett, a senior research associate at Columbia University's Teachers College, and Liesa Stamm, a senior research associate with Rutgers University's Center for Children and Childhood Studies. The researchers looked at various dual enrollment configurations as well as other studies about these programs.

The report concluded that "there is evidence that dual enrollment helps a wide range of students to be more successful in college. Students in these programs experience themselves as real college students and gain confidence and skills that can help them to excel academically."

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