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The Career Choices Series Gets Students Focused

The Career Choices series provides the structure and proven content to help students find their own answers to three critical developmental questions:

Who Am I? What Do I Want? How Do I Get It?

“’s an opportunity in the regular school day that is gifted to our students where they get to focus on themselves.”

Amy Gil, Teacher
Carpinteria High School

As students work through an academically based process for creating a meaningful 10-year education and career plan (using any of the three available delivery formats: hybrid, online-only, and independent study), they come to realize the personal value in their education.

The 100+ self-discovery, career exploration, and goal-setting activities guide students as they develop a vision for a productive future and a comprehensive 10-year plan for achieving that future. Along the way, students are also exposed to an arsenal of social-emotional skills.

Bolster Social-Emotional Learning

Social-emotional learning helps students build discipline, empathy, flexibility, responsibility, and teamwork skills. When students internalize these skills, they will become resilient to challenges and better-prepared for today’s workforce.

“This course is about holistic student development.”

Dr. Lauren Wintermeyer, Co-Founder
Get Focused...Stay Focused!®
Counselor, Ventura College

Throughout the Career Choices series curriculum, students are provided opportunities to practice a variety of self-mastery skills as they envision the life that matches their goals, dreams, and aspirations. Their individualized 10-year plan translates to a roadmap for a hopeful future.

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