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Getting the community involved with your
Career Choices program

Mentors and role models are very important for young people, especially at-risk adolescents. Shadowing and internship opportunities are very meaningful but finding volunteers can be difficult and time consuming. One of the best ways is to get a Community Service Organization such as Kiwanias, Rotary or the Soroptimist club in your community involved. They can provide funding as well as volunteers.

It is important to remember that an involved group will become a committed group so you don't just want to ask them for funding for your program. More important than funding will be their expertise and mentoring opportunities to your students.

The following are examples of activities and projects you can organize with your sponsoring Community Service Organization.

Presentations Throughout the Year

If you continue to keep your sponsoring organization informed and involved, they will probably continue to support you year after year. In coordination with the program chair of the community service organization, schedule two or three programs throughout the year. Here are some ideas:

  1. Career Exploration Brainstorming Session

  2. Job Interview Night

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