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Embedded textbook pages of the award-winning Career Choices series
guide students through an online step-by-step process that includes:

100 interactive activities

64 video tutorials—providing virtual coaching and instruction

15 chapter quizzes—electronically scored, analyzed, and reported

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Artifacts for Authentic Assessment

By the end of the coursework, students produce:

  • an online 10-year Plan Summary Page that can be used for counseling and academic coaching throughout their high school and post-secondary tenure.
  • a Skills-Based Education Plan to ensure employability in the workplace of today.
  • a portable plan that can be easily shared using the® mobile app.
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One supervising instructor could easily manage a caseload of 50 students or more because the program includes built-in features to help you:

  • Track student use in real time
  • Verify participation with easy-to-generate reports
  • Easily identify each student’s level of engagement
  • Validate time-on-task with activity archives

Cost Effective:

This proven curriculum—now in a dynamic new format as a complete online independent study course—has been used in well over 5,000 schools with 2.5 million students. That track records means you can trust this experience to:

  • Reengage disenfranchised students who have been turned off by remote classroom sessions
  • Reinvigorate students by helping them value and complete their education because they understand the consequences of dropping out of either high school or college
  • Refocus students on the future, bringing hope and therefore intrinsic motivation because they have their own individualized, quantitative plan that can make their goals and dreams a reality

The Career Choices series is the foundational “Get Focused”
curriculum of the acclaimed Get Focused...Stay Focused!® program.

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