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Order a 60-Day Review Set of the Get Focused...Stay Focused!® Follow-up Modules
Three Modules
Choose what is most appropriate for your program:
We are already using the Career Choices curriculum and only need a 60-day
review set of the Get Focused…Stay Focused!® modules.
We require a 60-day review set of the complete curriculum which includes
the freshman course material and the 3 follow-up modules.
Choose one:
We need the high school version of Career Choices
This will be an Dual Enrollment program and we require the college version of
the Career Choices series

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Review set agreement:

By completing this form and clicking "Submit Order", you unconditionally accept the terms of this agreement and the statement below.

"I understand I have 60 (sixty) days to examine my copies. If I find I cannot use them, I will pay all shipping costs to return them in saleable condition. I understand that if I decide to keep the book(s), I will be invoiced for the books in 60 days at their list price of $109.25 ppd (for 5 texts), plus shipping."

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