Academic Innovations

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Meet our Authors, Staff, and Consultants

Professional Development
Trena Hargis, Workshop Support Associate
Amber Murray, Workshop & Travel Coordinator
Laurel Ortez, Registration Coordinator

Training Consultants
Bobby Cunningham, Technical Assistance Expert
Rebecca Dedmond, FTI Director/FTLI Trainer
Diane Hollems, GFSF Founder
Penny Paine, Career Choices/FTLI Trainer
Trish Procetto, Trainer
Phyllis Stewart, Career Choices Trainer
Lauren Wintermeyer, GFSF Founder

IT, Production, & Communications Contractors
Mike Bowie, Network Consultant
Cassie Fife, Graphic Designer
Smith Glover, Video Editor
IT Services of Utah, Network Consultants
Diego Linares, Graphic Designer
Alysson Nagy, Web Developer
Chris Nolt, Graphic Designer
Brad Owen, Web Developer
Roger Stoneburner, Video Producer & Editor
Mindy Bingham, President/Publisher
Wendy Bingham, Vice President, Professional Development
Tanja Easson, Vice President, Operations &
Linda Basney/Lynda Brown, Accountant
Sky Schear, Publisher’s Special Projects Mgr

Liberty Campbell, Billing Assistant
Wendy Clymore, Marketing Operations Coordinator
Becky Collet, Marketing Support
Brian Day, Shipping/Receiving
Brianne Navarrete, Customer Service Manager
Danica Salanoa, Marketing Support

Curriculum and Technical Support
Brook Owen, Curriculum & Technical Support Advisor
Georgette Phillips, Director of Curriculum Support
Merri Ellen Wright, Technical Support Advisor

Monica Carmo, Senior Educational Consultant
Lacey Despain, Educational Consultant
Lisa Imel, Educational Consultant
Bill Painter, Educational Consultant
Chris Powell, Educational Consultant
Deb Teeken, Educational Consultant

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