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Job Interview Night

Towards the end of the year ask your service organization to sponsor a job interview night. You may want to hold this at the school so you have plenty of classrooms to use for break-out rooms.

The service organization members will break into three-person panels and conduct mock job interviews. Each panel will provide a fictitious job description for the position for which they are interviewing.

Once the 15-minute trial interview is complete, the panel will critique the interviewee and give suggestions of how better to handle the interview.

Students will float between panels and interview with at least three different panels. Suggest that they pay particular attention to the areas which the panel identifies as needing practice and try to improve each time. A social/reception for all participants could be held in the cafeteria at the end of the evening.

You may also want to hold a training session for the interviewers before the activity if you feel they need to be sensitive to certain issues.

At the end of the year it is important for your students and supporters to celebrate their accomplishments together. Why not plan something special for graduation time.


At Graduation Time

At a meeting of the service organization, share copies of the students' ten-year plans (Career Choices, pages 279-280) and their mission statements (page 281). When service organizations' members see young people making an effort, you'll find they become interested in seeing that these students succeed in getting jobs.

Remember to say thank you throughout the year. Cards made by students or letters written by students are always appreciated. If you get any media coverage, always remember to give credit to your sponsoring organization.

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