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Career Exploration Brainstorming Session

A one- or two-week activity, this session could be scheduled after your students have completed chapter five in Career Choices.

First half hour:
During the first week, make a presentation about the Career Choices career decision-making process to the service organization membership. Include a description of the Bull's Eye Chart, the budgeting process and the career characteristics in chapter five. Because you are going to ask them to work directly with students, give them some guidelines and prospective outcomes.

Second half hour:
At the follow-up meeting, bring enough students so that each student can brainstorm career possibilities with a panel of two or three service organization members. Ask the service organization members to break into panels and assign each student to a panel. The student will provide each member of their panel with a completed copy of the following worksheets from Career Choices: the Bull's Eye Chart on page 27, a copy of their budget on page 92 and a copy of their desired career characteristics on page 134. Because these business people have real world experience, they can be helpful in presenting career options and strategies for getting a job.

This should be a noisy and lively session that everyone will enjoy. Allow enough time for the groups to report out. Some of your students may receive offers for shadowing or internships from their group members.

You may find that your sponsors enjoy this activity so much they will want to repeat it with more students from your program.

Another example of a project your community member will want to get involved in is the Job Interview Night.

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