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Get Focused...Stay Focused!® Program Evaluation

Seeking 20 Get Focused Stay Focused High Schools

For the Evaluation Beginning Fall 2016:
How does it work?

What will be measured?
How will the data be collected?
What is a certified Get Focused...Stay Focused School?
What are the benefits of joining this evaluation?
Performance Pledge (PDF)
Randomization FAQ (PDF)
Professional Development Plan for Evaluation Schools
Professional Development Chart for Evaluation Schools
Archived Meetings
Application Form for Evaluation School Sites

Russell Rumberger

About Dr. Russ Rumberger,
evaluation coordinator

A school adopting the Get Focused...Stay Focused!® (GFSF) program can apply to become a certified Get Focused...Stay Focused!® school which provides the opportunity to participate in a rigorous evaluation of the impact of the GFSF program in your school.  The federal government through its What Works Clearinghouse and some prominent policy organizations, such as the Coalition for Evidence-Based Policy and the Brookings Institute, have long promoted the idea that education programs need rigorous evaluations to determine their effectiveness much like medical treatments.  Such information will facilitate participating schools to secure additional funding because they will be able to demonstrate the causal impact of their GFSF program on their students!

The evaluation is being conducted in two phases.  Phase I started in the Fall 2015 and Phase II will start in Fall of 2016.  Below is an overview of Phase II evaluation with additional information provided to the left.

Print this overview of the evaluation project for Fall 2016

Detailed Professional Development Plan for
Get Focused...Stay Focused!
® Schools
Chosen for the Phase 2 Evaluation

Partners or collaborators
Foundation for California Community Colleges
George Washington University’s Freshman Transition Initiative
California Community College Chancellor's Task Force on Student Success
Academic Innovations LLC
UCSB Graduate School of Education California Dropout Research Project
UC Educational Evaluation Center, Gevirtz Graduate School of Education

Eastern Oregon University’s College of Education
California SB1070 Coordinators from select regions
Santa Barbara Foundation
Santa Barbara City College Dual Enrollment Department
Carpinteria and Santa Barbara Unified School Districts
Santa Barbara County Office of Education’s Partners in Education