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What are the benefits of joining this evaluation?

Besides the obvious of having valuable data that will help those involved with your GFSF program improve their work with their students, being part of an evaluation of this level, will inform funding sources of your seriousness and commitment to student success, which in turn will make your applications more competitive for funds.

The evaluation school sites for GFSF who win the lottery and are first year implementing schools will be:
  1. Provided the funding to purchase their textbooks, workbooks and online coursework for the following four years. 
  2. High quality professional development and technical assistance throughout the project.
  3. Provided a stipend of **** per year for course instructor release time and expenses for a portion of the capacity building/professional development provided.
In addition as an evaluation site for GFSF the first year your school will be given:
  1. Given priority registration on upcoming GFSF workshops.
  2. Invited to monthly webinar meetings and capacity building events.
  3. Given access to the GFSF team of consultants for phone consultations and questions for our start up year.
  4. Invited to professional development webinars this spring and summer specifically for evaluations schools as they plan and implement their freshman course.
  5. Author Mindy Bingham will hold a couple “ask the author” webinar meetings for interested staff at evaluations schools.
Upon successful completion of the pilot year and first year of evaluation, when schools become a certified GFSF school, in addition to the above benefits:
  1. They can include the GFSF logo on their school promotion and website.
  2. They will be provided a personalized URL of the GFSF website. This can be made available to promote their GFSF efforts. This will be template driven for easy updating of information.
  3. They will get priority registration at the annual Get Focused...Stay Focused® conference in Santa Barbara in January and Focus on Freshman Conference in July.
  4. The GFSF leadership will speak by phone to any potential funders or governing board members who might have questions about their GFSF efforts.
  5. They will be featured in national media campaigns about the GFSF program.
Platinum Medal:

A new category has been added to our medal rubric to recognize schools that go the extra mile and join the evaluation project.

For schools who: One person from each school receiving this top honor will qualify for a complimentary Focus on Freshman registration so they can be present at the awards ceremony at the end of that conference. ($595 value)

What about the schools who did not win the lottery?

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Partners or collaborators
Foundation for California Community Colleges
George Washington University’s Freshman Transition Initiative
California Community College Chancellor's Task Force on Student Success
Academic Innovations LLC
UCSB Graduate School of Education California Dropout Research Project
UC Educational Evaluation Center, Gevirtz Graduate School of Education

Eastern Oregon University’s College of Education
California SB1070 Coordinators from select regions
Santa Barbara Foundation
Santa Barbara City College Dual Enrollment Department
Carpinteria and Santa Barbara Unified School Districts
Santa Barbara County Office of Education’s Partners in Education