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Penny Paine

Penelope (Penny) Paine, trainer, consultant, author, and former Gender Equity specialist for the State of California, is sought after as a speaker because of her experience with comprehensive career guidance programs, nontraditional occupations, and special populations. Armed with British charm and an all-American "can do" spirit, Penny has trained in nearly every state in the union. Her past contracts include: California Dept. of Education, California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office, Girls Incorporated, TIAA CREF, the National Alliance for Partnerships in Equity, and the national Business and Professional Women USA. 

A graduate of the University of London, she has also created educational publications and programs and authored twelve children's picture books. Penny was instrumental in developing and facilitating the national "Women Helping Girls with Choices" program. Her expertise on gender-related topics brings an added dimension to her presentations. 

She has worked with teachers of all disciplines as well as with schools in the process of integrating or restructuring curriculum. Penny is particularly adept at guiding schools in the change process.

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