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Module 2 - 11th Grade
Determining Your Informed Major and Post-Secondary Education Path

11th Grade Book

This Get Focused...Stay Focused!® module was developed to give students the attitudes, tools and information required to be able to keep their options open and make choices, now or in the future, that will enrich their life. They explore a variety of topics and strategies that relate to choosing a career path while also learning tactics to assist in making college more affordable.

At the same time, they update and enhance their personalized 10-year plans, found online at®. They revisit their Career Interest Survey as they explore STEM careers, and they use the Decision making rubric and Comparison Chart of College and Post secondary Options to narrow their choices for what kind of school to apply to.

With My Skills Inventory, students begin creating an education plan that will assure they will leave the education system with the skills necessary to be employable.

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Dr. Diane Hollems - GFSF! 11th Grade ModuleZoom

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