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Wondering where to start or where to go next with Career Choices?
How do I Get Buy-in for a Career Choices course?

For any new program to be successful, it must have the buy-in of faculty, parents, district administrators, the community and students. These steps will help you build a case for a comprehensive guidance course that culminates with the development of students’ 10-year plans.

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Share the NASSP article, A Personalized Plan for Life, with all stakeholders.
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Visit The George Washington University’s web site to become a member and download the Course Standards for Freshman Transition Classes.
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Watch these: The Key to Success for Dropout Prevention

Tips for Getting Buy-in from all Stakeholders
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Take a look at why Career Choices was developed and then browse the success strategies from educators using the curriculum.
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Order 60-day Review Sets for your planning team.
Because the Career Choices curriculum can be configured in a variety of ways with a variety of different student populations, you’ll want to review the curriculum’s academic and technology enhancements.

With so much to learn about Career Choices, the last thing we want you to feel is overwhelmed. Excited and hopeful, yes, but never overwhelmed. Please click on the link below that best describes your familiarity with Career Choices. Each link will direct you to a set of next steps you can take to better understand how the curriculum can be used to revolutionize the way your students plan for their futures and value their time in high school.
Select a link that best describes you:
I have never seen Career Choices.
I have a review set of books. What do I do now?
I attended a workshop. Now what?
I want to use Career Choices at my school, but how do I get buy-in from parents, students, and my administration?
I have seen Career Choices from a colleague, but I need to learn more and obtain my own set for review.

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