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Career Choices Workshop DVD Loan Agreement

Thank you for your interest in borrowing a set of our Career Choices workshop DVDs!

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Loan agreement

By completing this form and clicking "Submit Request", you unconditionally accept the terms of this agreement and the statement below.

"I understand I have 3 (three) weeks to use and review the DVDs and I will return them in their original condition on the original packaging. I understand that if should I not return the DVDs by the end of my 3-week (three-week) period or I decide to keep the DVDs, I will be agreeing to purchase the DVDs and will be invoiced for their purchase value of $59.95."

Permission is given to the recipient by Academic Innovations to copy the Career Choices workshop DVDs for individual or school use.

Please be aware that there are a limited numbers of sets of DVDs available for circulation. In order to keep the waiting time as short as possible, it is imperative that the DVDs are returned within the three-week period.

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