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The Mobile App

At the end of the course, when they complete their work online, students have the option to download the® Mobile App, which will be populated with key information from their 10-year Plan Summary Page. The Summary Page is a compilation of the work they did throughout the course, formatted into an easy, quick-to-read plan.

With their plan in their pocket as a constant reminder, students will move through their decade of transition—from high school into postsecondary education or training and on to the workforce—with a tool that allows them to continue the process they learned in their Career Choices course.

The online format of® and the® Mobile App allows students easy access so they can continue to update their goals and plans as they experience new things, learn more about who they are, and refine their vision of the future.

AwardProposal Boilerplate - Sample Language
Use this document to support your efforts to get funding approval for including Get Focused...Stay Focused!®/Career Choices in your summer enrichment program. The language has been generalized so it’s relevant for a variety of federal, local, and private grant applications. Make sure you supplement the sample language with school-specific information and examples.

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