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Shooting star
"I’m loving the resources and ideas from the first chapter outline. The breakout rooms have been great! will be a great addition for others who are remote teaching."
- - Amy Gil, GFSF Master Teacher
Carpinteria High School
Carpinteria, CA

We’ve done a lot of the planning for you so you can spend more of your time and energy with your students.

StopwatchWe know you’re busy. If you are short on time and need to start your course ASAP, you will want to go immediately to the Online Class Agendas found on The Teachers’ Lounge. Call (800) 967-8016 for details.

We’ve taken on the painstaking task of developing enriching and exciting daily online class sessions with a series of step-by-step class agendas that will help you deliver an engaging and comprehensive course right out of the box. And, this new resource will be valuable whether you are working remotely or meeting in a face-to-face classroom.

These not-to-be-missed resources will enhance your instruction with:
  • The 71 new Mini-Lecture Series video tutorials by guest speakers that you can use to supplement your presentations on a variety of topics
  • Detailed directions for small group projects to keep students engaged
  • Group brainstorming topics and follow-up activities that help students envision a productive and hopeful future
  • 15 new Online Skill-Building Series videos that integrate technology skills into Career Choices activities

Or, better yet, by using the Online Class Agendas, the pacing has already been done for you. Complete a session each hour, and your students will have a robust 10-year Plan by the end of your semester course.

You can use the Online Class Agendas as solid plans that you follow to a T or as a starting point to add your own ideas and strategies. Think of these class agendas as carefully choreographed sessions that you can emulate or enhance.

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