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Self-Directed Professional Development for Course Instructors Available Online 24/7

Instructors will want to complete one of the Quick Start Study Guides for implementation tips and strategies.

  • The Quick Start Study Guide for Implementing the Career Choices Series
    With four to eight hours of self-directed study, any new instructor can follow this video-rich format to gain the background knowledge and confidence to launch their summer class. Since 2015, instructors all over the country have used this online learning resource to prepare to teach the Career Choices series course.

  • The Quick Start Study Guide for the Online Independent Study Course
    Whether you are mixing independent study students within your face-to-face or remote class, or all of your students are doing independent study, the information you glean from watching these short video tutorials will make your work more productive and more rewarding—for both you and your students.

    As the teacher of record for students taking an independent study course, you will be responsible for ensuring your students are on task and completing their work in a timely fashion. Not having the regular contact of scheduled class sessions requires different strategies. By investing three to five hours in this self-study process, you’ll learn about strategies, tools, and techniques for the accountability required of an independent study student.

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