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The embedded Career Choices series textbook pages guide students through an online step-by-step process that includes:
  • 100 interactive activities
  • 64 video tutorials—providing virtual coaching and instruction
  • 15 chapter quizzes—electronically scored, analyzed, and reported

For this online Independent Study Course, the program has been designed to facilitate learning without a lot of input from an instructor. Depending on the motivation and academic skills of the student, they can be left to work though the coursework on their own.

This online version was built upon the® platform with the same grading and tracking system as the hybrid version. Now, instructors can personalize their work within each class. For instance, if you have a student in your class who cannot attend due to illness or other course requirements, they can be assigned the independent study course.

ONLINE Independent Study Course

Computer and book
The Independent Study Course for Career Choices and Changes was developed for students who are not able to take part in a traditional class session, whether instruction happens in person or remotely.

Some of those reasons include:
  • They don’t have time in their school day to take a comprehensive guidance course because of commitments to college prep courses, CTE courses, or extracurricular activities.
  • They learn better outside of a traditional classroom because they learn quicker than their classmates.
  • They are unable to be in a physical classroom due to illness, disability, the need to care for a parent or sibling, etc.
  • Traditional school has a negative connotation for them, so they resist attendance.
  • They must work to help support the family, so schooling that is centered around specific times during the day, whether it is traditional classroom-based learning or scheduled remote class meetings, does not consistently work for them.

AwardProposal Boilerplate - Sample Language
Use this document to support your efforts to get funding approval for including Get Focused...Stay Focused!®/Career Choices in your summer enrichment program. The language has been generalized so it’s relevant for a variety of federal, local, and private grant applications. Make sure you supplement the sample language with school-specific information and examples.
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