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Hybrid Delivery

It starts with the Career Choices series text and student workbook. As you guide students through the content sequentially, they complete a series of activities that lead to the development of their 10-year Plans.

Then,® provides an online planning area where students can store, update, and save—for as long as they are in school—the artifacts related to their 10-year Plans.

This important two-step process was designed:
  • To promote in-depth learning
  • To simplify a complex, life-defining planning process
  • To be more user-friendly
  • To promote growth through contemplation, reflection, and adaptation
  • To encourage critical, creative, and strategic thinking
  • To provide support as students face changes and transitions throughout their lives

Once students create their online 10-year Plans, every teacher, counselor, and administrator with a school-issued® account can access this important data and gain a thorough understanding of a student’s goals and ambitions by quickly reviewing the summary page.
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