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What others are saying about Career Choices...
"Career Choices received a Promising Intervention Award from the U.S. Department of Education in recognition of its effectiveness in reducing dropout rates and supporting higher achievement in reading and math."

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magazine, Association for Career & Technical Education
"A new effective and integrated approach to career and life planning, Career Choices and the anthology, Possibilities, give schools a head start in addressing the recommended SCANS competencies and foundation skils."

Gloria J. Conn, Member of the SCANS Commission
"I commend these materials for use in high school and/or community colleges...I particularly like that the curriculum is grounded in a specific academic discipline and that it is competency-based."

Dale Parnell
Author, The Neglected Majority
The Father of Tech Prep
"A cutting edge curriculum...It is an outstanding and unique example of how core academic subjects can work together with vocational/technical education to create a new and exciting synergy in education."

ACTE, formerly the American Vocational Association
"Many students have told people this is the most worthwhile class they have had...All freshmen will now have to take a class in which we use Career Choices."

Ted Szafranski, Business Teacher
St. Charles High School
St. Charles, MI
"I had a female Hispanic student tell me that this class was the only reason she kept coming to school."

Linda Paulson, Language Arts Teacher/Equity Coordinator
Central Junior High School
Grafton, ND
"Students were actually seeing that there is a purpose for being in school.... The Career Choices curriculum allows students to be more alive and alert, which is motivating and enjoyable to me."

Doug Campbell, Communications Teacher
San Gabriel High School
San Gabriel, CA
"Many students see a greater need to stay in school. Most were 'bowled over' by the budgeting chapter. I believe [the program] will markedly reduce our dropout rate in high school."

Veronica J. Hambacker, English Teacher
8th grade Career Explorations
Iron Co. C-4 Junior High School
Viburnum, MO

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