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Introduce Your Students to a Proven Career and Lifestyle Decision-Making Process

Deciding on a career is easily one of the most important decisions we make in life. For your students, this decision is compelling and intimidating. Your guidance and encouragement is essential to helping them make positive progress toward their futures.

Career Choices & Changes introduces a process for career and lifestyle decision-making that enables students to complete your course with a better sense of who they are and where they fit into the world of work. The text accomplishes this with a series of engaging exercises that lead young adults and re-entry students through an important self-discovery process that addresses the critical questions, Who am I? What do I want? How do I get it?

Students ultimately walk away from a Career Choices & Changes-guided course with a better understanding of the careers that align with their passions, lifestyle aspirations, and skills because they have learned:

  • Why vision needs energy to equal success
  • How passion, values, and personality shape career decisions
  • How income expectations play a major part in career planning
  • How to build a personalized career profile
  • A step-by-step career research process
  • The eight steps in making good career -- or any -- decisions
  • Why enthusiasm and enterprise set you apart
  • How change is easier when you're in charge
  • How interview preparation pays off
  • How to write a life plan that works
Career Choices & Changes is the adult version of a popular high school curriculum, Career Choices, used in more than 4,300 schools across the country. Innovative and user-friendly by design, we know you'll find the text refreshing and meaningful.

Because the Career Choices & Changes text is similar to Career Choices, for more in-depth information on the contents, please review the information on Career Choices.

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