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Options & Suggestions

1. Basic Skills Remediation and Life Skills Training

    Goal: To improve reading, writing, and math skills; change attitudes about learning; and create a desire to stay in school.
    Population: Youth with academic performance below grade level.
    Time/Instruction: This option will involve 45-90 hours of instruction with a credentialed teacher or counselor.
This program is designed to use Possibilities with the Career Choices text and Workbook and Portfolio. Students read relevant literature, write short papers and journal entries, and deliver oral reports while developing life skills. Students deficient in math performance work in the Lifestyle Math text, which can be used as a stand-alone text.
Approximate cost per participant: $65-69.
2. Work Maturity
    Goal: To provide youth with the necessary work related skills and attitudes to succeed on the job.
    Population: Youth in need of work maturity skills prior to or while working.
    Time/Instruction: This option will involve 20-45 hours of instruction with a teacher or experienced work supervisor.
This program is designed to help young people adopt the skills necessary for dealing with a boss, fellow workers, and the public. It also addresses attitudes of honesty and work ethics, along with resume writing and job interviewing. The Career Choices text and Workbook and Portfolio are used for this program.
Approximate cost per participant: $43-47.
3. Year-Round Programs
    Goal: To link summer to year-round, at-risk programs and School-to-Work initiatives.
    Population: Youth involved in career exploration and life planning in year-round programs.
    Time/Instruction: This option has an open time frame and should be taught by a certified teacher or counselor.
This program gives summer youth coordinators and planners an opportunity to successfully link programs to year-round, in-school efforts. It provides youth with compelling reasons to stay in school and develop a positive attitude about their future career opportunities. The Career Choices text, the Workbook and Portfolio, and Lifestyle Math are used together in this setting.
Approximate cost per participant: $52-56.

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