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"Common Miracles"

Correspondents Peter Jennings and Bill Blakemore reveal how we can help students realize their unique talents and learning abilities in the ABC News Special "Common Miracles: The New American Revolution in Learning." The documentary features penetrating interviews with instructors, principals, psychologists, parents and students and focuses on methods and schools which provide their students with freedom and options through education.

Illustrating several innovative and positive techniques which help young people grasp the "keys to a glorious future," Jennings and Blakemore go on location to schools across the nation. They find that traditional education - including tracking, factory model schools, and IQ-based assessment - is being replaced with cooperative learning, the use of computers, apprenticeships, parent and community involvement, and the philosophy that every child is gifted.

"Common Miracles" exposes the ultimate goal of educational revolution: to "liberate the human potential in all Americans." We recommend showing it at staff and parents' meetings.

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