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Learning in Context

Learning in context provides the meaning and the in-depth understanding of a concept, information, or skill that an individual is required to learn and is what bridges the gap between the abstract learning of the classroom and the practical applications outside of formal education.  When you integrate any or all of the enhancements to the Building a Bridge to Your Future curriculum, you’ll provide a powerful opportunity for students to learn academic skills or technological applications in context.  

What was once delivered through “drill and skill” will take on new meaning when layered into a Building a Bridge to Your Future course, because the information has been repackaged in the thematic format of self- discovery and personal planning. By teaching self-knowledge along with reading, writing, and math, Building a Bridge to Your Future adds the context that makes basic skills relevant and motivates students to learn. Students are willing to pay attention, to work harder, to stretch themselves because, suddenly, what’s going on in the classroom is of urgent personal interest.

Building a Bridge to Your Future - Student Workbook Cover
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