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The Career Choices CurriculumSome Sample Integrated and Interdisciplinary Combinations

English/Language Arts or Communications
In many of the schools currently using the Career Choices curriculum, it is the English teachers who teach the course. Some instructors use only the Career Choices text with the Workbook and Portfolio, and some use the Career Choices text and Possibilities.

English/Language Arts and Guidance Department
Many English/language arts teachers have teamed with the guidance department to enrich the curriculum by having a guidance counselor come in at specific points to lead the lesson for the day. We have noted some particular activities in the Instructor's Guide. At the end of the course students then schedule planning sessions with their guidance counselor and use their Workbook and Portfolio as in integral part of their planning process.

Home Economics and English/Language Arts
Because of the guidance and career and family living expertise of the instructors in the home economics department, some schools have used this model. The home economics teachers use the Career Choices text, while the English teachers use Possibilities. This is usually accomplished in a block format.

English/Language Arts, Math and Social Studies
Schools using this format are usually divided into "houses" or clusters and work with block scheduling. The material in the Career Choices text is presented by the social studies instructor, Possibilities by the English teacher, and Lifestyle Math by the math teacher. Usually this course is a quarter or semester in duration, at the 8th, 9th or 10th grade level.

Tech Prep/School-to-Work
Tech Prep and School-to-Work programs are using Career Choices texts as one of their cluster options in the beginning of the program. The course is designed to help students choose a career path. A variety of instuctors from different disciplines have chosen to teach this cluster.

Career Education
A career education instructor can effectively present the materials from Career Choices with the Workbook and Portfolio, or use all the texts of the series.

Career Education and English/Language Arts
This combination of disciplines works especially well. The career educator presents the Career Choices text along with the Workbook and Portfolio, and the English/language arts instructor teaches from Possibilities. The Instructor's Guide provides a clear and easy to follow path of href="50.html">how the two texts work together.

Business Education and English/Language Arts
Many business education instructors are right at home with the material in Career Choices and Lifestyle Math. Teaming with the English/language arts department, using Possibilities, makes for an effective interdisciplinary approach to learning.

Technology Education and English/Language Arts
Because communication and computer skills are indispensible in the workplace and in post-high school education, these instructors can combine to form a powerful program for all students.

Freshman Transition Course
This can be accomplished in a single class at the beginning of the 9th grade year, using the main text and the Workbook and Portfolio, or as a block-scheduled course, using all the texts within an interdisciplinary team.

A Guidance Class: Counselor in the Classroom
In some schools, the counseling staff find that one of the most efficient and effective ways to provide comprehensive guidance to students is in the classroom. Quarter and semester courses are designed and taught by the counselors using a combination of texts.

A School-Wide Class: All Students Take the Course
At one school, in San Juan, California, the whole school took the Career Choices course over a one-year period. Class periods were adjusted so that once per week, at the same time, every instructor in the school taught from the Career Choices text along with the Workbook and Portfolio. Because the workbook is consumable, the students bought their own books.

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