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The Career Choices CurriculumTVA Funds Program in Tennessee

"It all makes sense now," reports one Career Choices student from Tellico Plains High School in Eastern Tennessee. "I'm truly responsible for my future. It's up to me!" Another student, with a history of missing two to three days of school a week, said, after being congratulated for weeks of perfect attendance, "I wouldn't think of missing my Career Choices English class. We're busy planning our future and that's real important to me."

For Lynn Anderson, Educational Specialist for the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), these were gratifying responses-though not surprising ones. The rural schools Anderson deals with have many of the same problems city schools struggle to address. Students drop out or graduate with no goals while businesses complain of an unqualified workforce.

Charged with developing comprehensive guidance curriculum to help focus and motivate students, Anderson was excited about the option of integrating Career Choices into core subjects. Understaffing and overscheduling made it virtually impossible to add a stand-alone career class. "The only possible solution was an interdisciplinary career curriculum that could be taught along with academics," says Anderson. "Career Choices does this."

With a grant from TVA, Academic Innovations conducted a two-day Career Choices workshop. Educators used additional grant money to fund curriculum adoptions in six Tennessee schools.

According to Principal Alice Foust, "Students no longer avoid goal setting and curriculum planning in relation to their remaining high school years and beyond. Now students are actively seeking advice and assistance."

If you would like to speak with Lynn Anderson about her program, you may contact her at (800) 621-0947.

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