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TIPS: Teaching Insights, Practices, & Solutions
for Experienced Get Focused...Stay Focused!® Career Choices Series Instructors
March 23 & March 24, 2021

Conference Attendees
Conference Attendees

For experienced Get Focused...Stay Focused!® Career Choices Series Instructors

This institute was designed for experienced Career Choices Series instructors hoping to take their programs to a new level. You'll learn strategies that will enhance not only your course but also your professional satisfaction. You’ll be exposed to teacher- tested tips and strategies to revive, enhance, and assess your Career Choices Series classroom along with instructional ideas that will help you energize your classroom and avoid pitfalls when integrating technology.

For example, you’ll go deeper into® and learn about the new functions and reports. You’ll learn strategies, such as the Skills-based Education Plan that will ensure your students have the skills to be competitive in the workforce. You’ll have hands-on experience with the new mobile app for® and practice academic coaching strategies. You'll come away with a better understanding of the myriad opportunities for helping your students become career and college ready -- not just as freshmen, but throughout high school and into college.

Who Should Attend?
  • High school instructors who have taught Career Choices Series for at least one year
  • Instructional leaders responsible for the Career Choices Series course

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