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How to Implement the 'Get Focused' Freshman Course
Chapter-by-Chapter Introduction for Instructors Using the Career Choices Series Curriculum
March 23 & March 24, 2021

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For Novice Career Choices Series Instructors

A great institute for the novice Career Choices Series teacher, these sessions will be a chapter-by-chapter tour of the Career Choices Series text and interdisciplinary supplements. Presented by veteran Career Choices Series teachers and our top trainers, you'll get insights that will enhance your classroom no matter how long you've been teaching Career Choices Series.

While the training revolves around the Career Choices Series curriculum, you'll also have an opportunity to focus on project-based learning techniques, team teaching tactics, curriculum integration models, and dropout prevention strategies.

You'll learn how to:
  • Successfully teach Career Choices Series and adapt it to meet your classroom goals
  • Integrate career and life planning thematically into the academic classroom
  • Motivate students with relevant exercises and activities
  • Help 8th/9th grade students make a successful transition into high school
  • Build interdisciplinary teams that work
  • Use the Internet to enhance your student achievement
  • Tap into special funding opportunities and community resources
  • Help students see the impact their high school education has on their future

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