Get Focused...Stay Focused®
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Implementing the Stay Focused! Follow-up Modules
in the 10th, 11th, & 12th Grades
March 23 & March 24, 2021

Conference Attendees
Conference Attendees

For GFSF Coordinator/Administrator, Counselor, and Module Instructors

Studies show that revisiting and upgrading future plans is vital to continued student success, which is why the Freshman Transition Initiative recommends the annual updating of students' 10-year Plans. This institute will provide guidance on implementing the Get Focused...Stay Focused!® Follow-up Modules and, to help ensure the long-term success of your efforts, the sessions will provide strategies for securing the necessary buy-in, both at the school level and the community level. You'll leave the final session with an action plan to streamline your planning and implementation.

One of the sessions is online. For hands-on experience, please bring a laptop or iPad for this interactive experience.

Participants will:
  • Receive an overview of the content of the Get Focused...Stay Focused!® Follow‐up Modules for 10th, 11th, & 12th Grades
  • Gain practical instructional strategies and best practices to make the Stay Focused!® portion of the initiative a success
  • Be able to access the follow-up modules online in order to understand the student experience
  • Gain practical strategies to implement the modules and create whole school buy-in
Who Should Attend?
  • Your school's GFSF Coordinator/Administrator
  • Your school's Career Choices Series Lead Teacher
  • Instructors preparing to implement the Get Focused...Stay Focused!® follow-up process
  • Teaching teams already using Career Choices Series and exploring the Get Focused...Stay Focused!® follow-up process

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