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Building a Bridge Between Middle School and High School
How to Implement a Bridge Program with Get Focused...Stay Focused!®
March 23 & March 24, 2021

Conference Attendees
Conference Attendees

It is recognized that the freshman year of high school may be too late for many students to begin important discussions about career exploration. Because research now points to this vital process as key to long-range student success, the new middle school bridge program introduces a comprehensive course that provides the structure and support at this critical transition for early adolescents. The author of the new Building a Bridge to Your Future student workbook and instructor's guide will provide participants with classroom strategies that prepare students to engage in the career exploration, career decision-making, and career planning process throughout high school.

In order for young teens to believe that they can be successful in high school, college, and the workforce, it is also important to raise the self-efficacy of students through activities built around increasing social and emotional intelligence. Participants will learn strategies that will empower students to take charge of their own learning and planning.

In addition, you’ll leave equipped to build students' enthusiasm about the 10-year planning process they will encounter in their high schools and with an action plan for launching a middle school bridge program.

Note: The Building a Bridge to Your Future middle school bridge program was designed to be a precursor for the Career Choices Series/® coursework and should be implemented with that in mind. It can be delivered in the 8th grade for students going on to a high school that has adopted Career Choices Series/® in the 9th grade, or the bridge program can be implemented in the 7th grade when the school adopts Career Choices Series/® in the 8th grade.

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