Academic Innovations

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why it's needed
Most of my students are headed for college. Why do they need career guidance?
How is a comprehensive guidance course different than a career exploration course?
Our school uses a software-based (or online) tool for helping students choose a career. Isn't that enough?
What about Data?
What is a Career Choices Master Teacher and why would I want to be one?

Academic Integration
I teach English. Why should I get involved with career and life planning?
What is Possibilities? How can it be incorporated into my Career Choices curriculum?
Does this replace the current English curriculum?
Can Possibilities be taught as a stand-alone component?
How can an English teacher and a home economics teacher, business teacher, or guidance counselor work together?
We haven't received our books yet and I have to start teaching tomorrow. What can I do?
Can this be used as a summer program?
How can I find the standards correlations?
How can I find a workshop or training?

How it's used
Why was the Career Choices series designed in a way that requires the student to use both a textbook/workbook and the online
How long does it take to complete the curriculum?
Can we skip around and just use certain parts of the curriculum?
What if we want to complete half in one grade and half in the next?
Can we photocopy the Workbook and Portfolio (or any other book)?
Why do we need a lead teacher?
Does every teacher need an Instructor's Guide or can they share?
What should we name the course?

Student population concerns
What if the students I work with are still struggling with basic skills?
Is it really possible to get the average 14-year-old to write a comprehensive 10-year plan for their future?
What is the reading level of the texts?
My students have low reading levels (two to three grades below). Can the curriculum work for them as well?
Will Career Choices work with my special population?
How can we implement Career Choices in our Tech Prep program?
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