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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to a student who did not take the freshman course and does not have an online 10-year plan but now finds his or herself in a class that is using one of the GFSF modules/student workbooks?
The entire premise of the GFSF program is the completion and updating of the online 10-year plan so that at the conclusion of the program, students have a comprehensive career and education plan. The work completed with the three GFSF follow-up modules is filtered into each student’s plan.

How can new students gain access to the online 10-year Plan?
Because the GFSF modules are integrated into, students should have an online 10-year Plan platform of their own. For those who missed the course, this can be accomplished by providing them with a seat license. With the new seat license, each student will get a copy of the consumable Career Choices Workbook and Portfolio. Ideally they should be directed to complete at least the keystone activities noted by the mortarboard logo on the bottom of the page.

Can the GFSF modules be used without the online activities integrated into
While the answer is yes, one of the major strengths of the GFSF modules is the integration into® and the resulting education and career plan that is developed over the course of the GFSF program. This is what makes the program unique and valuable for your students.
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