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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I am teaching this right? Are there any assessments? What is the Medal Program?
The Medal Program consists of a rubric, compiled based on years of analyzing what works and what doesn’t in Career Choices courses. You can refer to this rubric to assess your own course (see

Where can I find a lesson plan or a syllabus?
Sample lesson plans and course syllabi can be found in the Resource Cupboard. You can also look for lesson plans or request customizable lesson plans at

Why can't I post on the user group? How can I join the online user group?
Only registered Teacher’s Lounge members can post on the forum, and only faculty at schools currently using Career Choices can join the Teacher’s Lounge. To find out about membership, visit

Why should I fill out your survey?
The more we know about your goals, challenges, and plans, the better we can help you by customizing the support we provide. We have myriad proven resources to make your job easier and help you reach your goals for your students—from the first day of class. This information will allow our curriculum and technical support department to be an important part of your team. Completing our surveys may also qualify you to receive small thank-you gifts from Academic Innovations.
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